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Delay bone closure – by stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone, open the bone line of human joints, delay the time of bone closure, stretch 5-15 cm. Herbal foot patch!
Regulate body and mind – soothe body and mind, warm and nourish, soothe feet, balance and condition.
Strong bones – make bones strong and strong, and the calcium in the bones is not easy to lose.
Stimulate acupoints – Stimulate the growth of corresponding acupoints, dredge meridians, and promote and blood.
Promote sleep and enhance immunity – help those with sleep difficulties improve their physical condition.

1. Clean your feet
2. Remove the release paper
3. Paste on the recess of the sole
4. Wear it overnight and keep it for 8-12 hours
5. Take it out for cleaning
6. Take 2 tablets per day, only use at night while sleeping.
One course of treatment for two months.

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1 * Herbal Height Booster

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