The Sign - Dragonfly Silver Ring

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So beautiful and unique ring. Mostly sterling silver with a little alloy for strength. Only 3 available

Please read before buying !

Artificial Jewelry Info:

Please keep in mind that if you are buying artificial jewelry thats gold plated thats exactly what it means. Gold plated not solid gold, which means there is alloy, copper, brass, metal, sterling silver or some other metal underneath. Usually called Alloy metal when its a combination of metals. Artificial jewelry should never touch water, hand cream, hand sanitizer or any other liquid and chemical. Even just leaving the jewelry out for days can tarnish it with the amount of moisture in the air. They should be boxed or stored away. They will strip the gold plating faster than normal ware, and YES, any thing gold plated will in time strip, even Cartier if they plated something. If you want the jewelry to last you need to love and take care of it accordingly unless you know from the start you only want it for a few months and throw it out after you’ve had your fun.

Allergy and Reactions:

Alloy means a mixture of metals. The mixture of metals change from provider to provider. Most alloy will be steel or copper/brass mixture. My point here is if your ALLERGIC to ANY metal PLEASE DO NOT BUY. My wholesale items that are alloy I can not be 100% sure whats in it. So I’d highly recommend not to buy anything that’s alloy period. I do offer pure silver gold plated items.

Mabreen Simon Jewelry :

The Jewelry is named after a charity called "Mabreen Simon” who was also my mother and a great humanitarian. It's a charity that raises money for poor children in India whose parents can't afford tuition for their kids future. This charity gives hope to those unfortunate parents that their children will get a fighting chance. Originally my store was donating to the United Methodist Church through whom the charity started but due to their new policies and hold on money that my family raises, and not knowing how its being used I have started donating to St. Pauls National School ,Mumbai Central to sponsor kids with full year tuition out of my profit from this store that you support by buying my items. Legally I can’t call myself a charity now, but if I uses my own profits it’s no ones business and I still get to do good. If someone wants to donate you can do so straight to the school and I’d be more then happy to guide you. The purpose of my store will remain the same to help kids in unfortunate circumstances with financial help. So far I have two primary kids that got full year tuition paid. Please support a great cause while looking good in “Mabreen Simon Jewelry”.
Please don't forget to write a review or share any thoughts in order to make our business better and serve you well.
Each jewelry item comes packaged like shown above and ready to be given as a gift. For the linen pouch the item needs to be above $45 or you can choose the gift wrap option at check out.


Shipping :

All items ship FREE by 3-5 business days with the exception of USPS delaying the process on their end which can take up to 2 weeks. Once the tracking confirms delivery but item is missing please contact your local postman or postmaster. I have no authority over missing packages in your town especially if it says delivered. A case might be needed to be open with USPS by you, not me. For packages with tracking numbers not moving I will be taking full responsibility and if within 3 weeks of purchase it still doesn't move then a full refund or replacement will be sent.


I don’t accept returns as stated on my page but in very few circumstances I’ll see what I can do depending on the situation.

One, being if it was damaged in route to you buy the postal.

Two, if the item was defective and I happened to not see it during my inspection while packaging. (Must be within 1st week of arrival)

In either case, the buyer MUST send 3 CLEAR pictures of the part damaged and if possible a video. Without any pictures that CLEARLY show the damage, no refund or exchange will be given and any negative review left will be asked by to be removed. I may ask you to mail back the item for which I’ll pay and once I get it you’ll get your refund. My customers will get 100% of my cooperation.
I'm forced to leave the honor system of customers being truthful due to a few recent scams of customers buying in large amounts then claiming it was all damaged but never responding with a picture of the damage or willing to return the damage goods. This is a charity based store from which I get no salary. It's all reinvested in the growth of this business or donated straight to the charity. It hurts me to see people have no shame to scam a tiny business who's goal is to provide for the unfortunate.

Please email me first with any issues or concerns so I can try to solve the problem first. As a seller, I'm always trying my hardest to make my customers experience better and less stressful. If you decide to leave a review thats negative before even giving me the opportunity to fix the problem I will gladly leave your review there but publicly leave a response in return leaving my defense and side of the story for other future buyers to read as well and not be under the impression that you approached me and I still didn’t do anything.

Packaging :

Due to the increase in material the Linen branded pouch only comes with orders over $45 per piece, not joint total. All orders come gift wrapped with the dried leaf and bee no matter the cost.

If the item you buy is a gift I’m always happy to hear about it so I can package accordingly and make the experience of that person opening the package so much more memorable.
My items are meant to only be opened by the receiver of the package. If this is a gift I recommended allowing that person to open it. The process of getting to the jewelry is part of the charm and experience I like to give the person.

Once again if there are any issues, problems, requests to make or alter an item, please contact me first